Here are some of our creative values that we use as guiding fundamental principles when we approach a creative problem.


1) Work to understand opposite perspectives

Exploring ideas that are opposite to your own way of thinking will allow you to learn things and develop new opportunities that you didn't think were possible. 

Be open, but not confident, with the idea that your perspective might be wrong.

2) Pressure = Force/area

If you're going in multiple directions, you won't be able to go very far.

To make a larger impact, narrow your focus to the one thing you can't not do.

3) Profound ideas come from being curious and from being fearless

When curiosity meshes with fearless confidence, you discover things that no one else could've discovered. 

4) What you put into your mind will be apparent in your work

It's not difficult to predict the quality of someone's work: 

Look at the books they read,

the websites they browse,

the music they listen to,

the films they watch,

and the people they spend time with. 

5) Pursue truth relentlessly

Always strive to find the right answers to the questions you have.

Once you find them, forget what anyone else believes and hold to them.