A company may have a great design, but it may lack the ability to communicate the story behind it. An organization may have an incredible story, but they may lack the strategy to bring it to life. A startup may have a brilliant strategy, but fall short in the design decisions that need to be made to rise to its full potential.

Story, design, and strategy must be intricately woven together in order for any organization to be effective.

We are an agency built to do just that.

Praxis exists to weave the intricate threads of design, storytelling, and strategy together into the beautiful, coherent system that it should be.


We tell your story by delivering:


Beautiful photographs

    The way that you see the world affects everything the way you make decisions. We want your audience to see you with honesty, beauty, and authenticity.


Meaningful video

    When we make a video for you, we want to create something that people would want to watch, even if they hated your product. Our videos do more than represent your company. Our videos are full of beautiful, vibrant imagery that serve as valuable stories that engage audiences, focused on your story.


Brilliant strategy

    We’ll listen to your company or organization goals. Where do you want to be? We’ll consult with you, draw up a plan of attack, and help you put the steps in place to execute on this, so that you can get where you want to be.


Precise Identities

The icons that you use to represent your organization influence the way the world thinks about your work.

Your identity should be the best, most authentic representation of the work that you do. Anything less is a missed opportunity, and you deserve better.

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Vital Plan


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