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"I Highly Recommend Working with Praxis to tell your story. Finding the narrative amongst the chaos can be difficult, but praxis cuts through all of the muck and gives you not just what you ask for, but what you need. I'm glad I had the chance to work with them before they win too many awards!"

Lance Cassidy, Founder & CEO of DX Lab, an innovation consultancy.

Praxis worked with Lance to help Trini Pepper Sauce sell $30,000 on Kickstarter

"Working with Praxis was such a great experience. We had one meeting before traveling internationally to get footage and it went beyond smoothly. The experience was very comfortable and professional. Praxis went above and beyond the scope of work for our project. Praxis was vital to our success and I would recommend to others. I would work with praxis again in a heartbeat."

Mustapha Mannan, Founder/CEO of Trini Pepper Sauce

Praxis worked with Trini Pepper Sauce to help them sell $30,000 on Kickstarter

"PRAXIS thoughtfully weaves together people, moments, and facts into enchanting stories that have the potential to influence the way we think about the world."

Braden Rawls, Founder/CEO of Vital Plan

Praxis created a video for Vital Plan's Restore Program

"Praxis helped us capture and tell a powerful story that continues to impact our organization's reach."

Justin Morgan, Pastor at Edenton Street United Methodist Church

Praxis created a short documentary about a special community event that was part of Edenton Street United Methodist Church

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