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Artsplosure is Downtown Raleigh's Annual Arts Festival.

The Identity

Praxis created the graphic identity for Downtown Raleigh's 37th Annual Arts Festival. This included the entire graphic identity for the brochure, poster, t-shirt, festival map, volunteer cards, bus advertisements, media advertisements, and mural.

The colorful geometric design represented the variety of elements in the festival, and allowed the design to be flexible to accommodate different media.

The Nest

The Nest is a new urban co-working space in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Logo

Because The Nest would rely heavily on social media presence to build the word-of-mouth momentum behind their launch event and foster their community, it was absolutely crucial that they had an icon that would stand out among a busy social network. 

By combining the imagery of woven twigs, sticks, and bird nests with a simple circle shape, we created this iconic minimalist shape that now represents this community to the city of Raleigh and the wider entrepreneurial community.

By choosing a simple, modern typeface, the brand continues to pique the curiosity of entrepreneurs, companies, and innovators in the Triangle area.


Circledeck is a children's card game. Our design emphasized the playful shapes of the cards, and drew influence from dominoes and dice to create a tactile visual appearance.










Graphic Design

The design direction of Circledeck was determined by the target age of the users and the customers. The typical demographic of the customer was usually female between the ages of 34-40. The typical demographic of the user (the child) was male or female between the ages of 6-10. 

Because of these demographics, we needed to create a design that appealed to both mothers, and children.

The design needed to be bold, fun, approachable, and friendly.

We emphasized the bold circle shapes, drawing from the visual aesthetic of dominoes, dice, and bulls-eye targets.


This logo was designed for Dorsal, a website that allows applicants to apply for jobs by showing their work and by answering job-specific questions. The goal of this company was to make it easier for Hiring Managers to understand what an applicant was really like before spending unnecessary time and money making a bad hire. 

The Logo

Dorsal was named after the dorsal fin, which is the fin that allows marine animals to keep their direction in difficult waters.

We wanted to keep the theme of direction prevalent in the design, and also visually tie back to the dorsal fin.

We did this by modifying the 'R' in 'Dorsal' to display a dorsal fin in the negative space below the 'R'. 

We chose a lime green color to continue with the marine theme, and saw this as a good choice to contrast the often dull colors of most other Applicant Tracking Systems.


This logo was designed for Betaversity, an education company that led technology workshops for students of all ages with their product, Betabox. The goal of this company was to help students make connections between different ideas and to help them learn by doing.









The Logo

Because Betaversity needed a strong social media presence, they needed an icon that would fit well into a social media profile. The circular globe shape lends itself to be easily recognized in the flood of online media.

Because 'Connecting the Dots' was a main goal of Betaversity in regards to education, designing a circular icon with connecting dots inside with negative space was an inevitable solution to this design need.

The bright blue color (dubbed 'Beta-blue' by the team) gives a fun, playful and friendly feel that was crucial for making a technology company in education feel approachable and welcoming to students, teachers, and administrators.