Our design work has been published in world-renowned publications such as Wired and Bloomberg, and our design campaigns have been seen by over 150,000 people.

The icons you use to represent yourself shape the way the world thinks about your company. Your identity should be the best, most authentic representation of the work that you do. Anything less is a missed opportunity.


Our Projects


San Antonio Botanical Garden

Project Type: Map & Brochure

Industry: Recreation & Museums

Designed by Praxis Coalition Member: Sam Cox, Diagram Office


Project Type: Brand Aesthetic, Map & Brochure

Industry: Festivals & Events

Designed by Praxis

Artsplosure Thumbnail image-01.jpg

Extant Labs-01.jpg

Extant Labs

Project Type: Packaging & Logo Design

Industry: Manufacturing

Designed by Praxis

Nest Raleigh

Project Type: Identity & Website Design

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Designed by Praxis

Nest Raleigh Image.jpg

Facilitating Innovation Book.jpg

RTI International

Project Type: Book Design

Industry: Research

Designed by Praxis Coalition Member: Sam Cox, Diagram Office


Project Type: Identity Design

Industry: Recruiting

Designed by Praxis

Dorsal Image_01.jpg

Food Truck Triangle_01.jpg

Food Truck Triangle

Project Type: Identity & Website

Industry: Parks & Recreation

Designed by Praxis

Raleigh West Citizens Advisory Council

Project Type: Identity

Industry: Government & Non-Profits

Designed by Praxis Coalition Member: Sam Cox, Diagram Office